Inkwells and Staves

by Jean-Roch Roy

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released July 21, 2013

Music and lyrics by Jean-Roch Roy (

Produced and arranged by Monsieur Jean (Jean-Sébastien Brault-Labbé)

Recorded and mixed by Monsieur Jean at Studio Zodyo (Montreal)

Mastered by Grey Market Mastering (




Jean-Roch Roy Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Healer
Whether she makes an entrance
or stamps her feet over small annoyances
Riana never fails to get undivided attention

With youth or golden age
she always makes a lasting impression
Riana inspires my daytime dreams and admiration

Settle down, now, settle down
my little heart that beats too fast
Settle down, now, settle down...
My little heart is in the wrong gear

You know she's pixillated
embraces life and kindly plays with it
Riana captivates whether she laughs or blows a gasket

Pensive or animated
a wilderness tamed or lionhearted
Riana desires nothing less than to propagate love

My mind is populated
with visions of red and smiling faces that Riana radiates
Her healing powers are uncontested 'cause
when I feel disconnected
the world appears so complicated, but
Riana misbehaves and my somber thoughts are dissipated!
Track Name: Landing
I join the drowsy airport pilgrims converging through Gate 1
Into a phallic sarcophagus with wings and lungs
I catch a glimpse inside the cockpit, where men in uniform
Worship a tapestry of widgets and chant this psalm:

"Take a breath, forget your earthly regrets
We travel the world in a single step
Take your place, laughing in gravity's face
Admire the pride of the human race!"

A mime performs the safety message with her eyes closed and her shades drawn
to a mindless and blasé audience waiting to be airborne

"The weather's good, the ride is smooth," the captain intercoms
"30,000 feet and attitude will carry us along"
I overhear a conversation with my pressurized eardrums
From childhood to final destination, and duty-free rum

An acrobat runs down the narrow aisle with rations of salted nuts
As her dull eyes and empty permasmile belie she's had enough...

'Tis said that flying slows down aging when planes begin to run
An arial game of cat and mouse with the setting sun
Next to me, clutching their computers, two kidlings lost in thought
No doubt a pair of frequent flyers holding back the clock

What is wrong with the notion of flying saucers?
If I fly, surely they can fly too
Will I drown in this ocean of suspended water
Or dissolve in the infinite blue?
Track Name: Every Lie Is True
After news o'clock
And the doors are locked
Turns himself in

In a gloomy mood
As he slips into

And then he wakes
His sleep was dreamless again
Crawls out of bed
Drifts across the floor
Opens wide the door
Looks up and says

Even the sky is blue

Let the air flow in
Let the air flow out

Just to be alive
Doesn't make a life
And then he wakes
How can he breathe relevance
Into his life?
Is he running from
Is he running to
Or standing still?

Even the sky is blue

Subatomic world
Or a prophet's words
Which to believe?

In the starlit space
Or a laughing face
What do you see?

It's suddenly clear:
Meaning is not inherent
It's just given
By the ones you love
By the ones who care
And by yourself

So every lie is true
If it speaks to you
Every lie is true
If you want it
Track Name: Kenora
I was once a young lad with a moustache
And I met a young lady with no facial hair
In fact, she was so fine, I mistook her for a model
And so did my friends, so that was fair

That summer, she went back home to Kenora
The Canadian version of the end of the world
As soon as she left, I started missing her
And I wanted to tell her silly things

I've got you right where I want you
There are miles and miles of land between us
But can we call that far when we almost know what we are to each other?

Fastest way for people to grow apart is by moving in together
That's just what we did
There were fights, there were dishes and lies
There were confusion induced behavioural patterns

She had her own boyfriend, I had my own pet
My room was next to hers, but we couldn't talk
But deep in my core, the flames and stomach acids persisted
And I wanted to tell her insipid things

I've got you where it counts
In a heart-shaped heart inside my chest
Words escape us when we start stating the obvious in twisted ways

Of course, this all happened a very long time ago
Memory could have failed, wouldn't be a first
We have since lost track, couldn't keep in touch
And there's no point in blaming Canada Post

I remember what she wore, the first time I saw her
Another love story born in a laundromat
However, I don't remember the last time I saw her
But I'd be a fool to think that I'm free from her spell

I've got you where it hurts
In a memory that never frays
You are so beautiful and I can't help from thinking in twisted ways
Track Name: Enchantress
Birds are not deserving emblems of freedom
Even if they ride the wind and travel far
They are first and foremost pests, liked winged rats
Who pillage my garden and sully my hat!
They are not the reason I'm feeling light
See, I am the first man to dream of flight

Early in the morning, when Eloise is bathing
I can only hear her song, melodious
The courtyard where she choirs is out of reach of climbers
Oh! How I wish to catch a glimpse of Eloise!
This, the true reason I'm feeling light
Yes, I am the first man to dream of flight

And even if the gift of levitation
Would allow me to see beyond the horizon
My gaze would rather linger behind the trees
To rest upon the breast of Eloise