from by Jean-Roch Roy



Birds are not deserving emblems of freedom
Even if they ride the wind and travel far
They are first and foremost pests, liked winged rats
Who pillage my garden and sully my hat!
They are not the reason I'm feeling light
See, I am the first man to dream of flight

Early in the morning, when Eloise is bathing
I can only hear her song, melodious
The courtyard where she choirs is out of reach of climbers
Oh! How I wish to catch a glimpse of Eloise!
This, the true reason I'm feeling light
Yes, I am the first man to dream of flight

And even if the gift of levitation
Would allow me to see beyond the horizon
My gaze would rather linger behind the trees
To rest upon the breast of Eloise


from Inkwells and Staves, released July 21, 2013
Jean-Roch Roy - lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Monsieur Jean - acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and percussions, keyboard

David Carbonneau - trumpet

Mathieu Van Vliet - trombone

Jocelyn Veilleux - french horn

Michel Donais (www.micheldonais.com) - track artwork




Jean-Roch Roy Montreal, Québec

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