I was once a young lad with a moustache
And I met a young lady with no facial hair
In fact, she was so fine, I mistook her for a model
And so did my friends, so that was fair

That summer, she went back home to Kenora
The Canadian version of the end of the world
As soon as she left, I started missing her
And I wanted to tell her silly things

I've got you right where I want you
There are miles and miles of land between us
But can we call that far when we almost know what we are to each other?

Fastest way for people to grow apart is by moving in together
That's just what we did
There were fights, there were dishes and lies
There were confusion induced behavioural patterns

She had her own boyfriend, I had my own pet
My room was next to hers, but we couldn't talk
But deep in my core, the flames and stomach acids persisted
And I wanted to tell her insipid things

I've got you where it counts
In a heart-shaped heart inside my chest
Words escape us when we start stating the obvious in twisted ways

Of course, this all happened a very long time ago
Memory could have failed, wouldn't be a first
We have since lost track, couldn't keep in touch
And there's no point in blaming Canada Post

I remember what she wore, the first time I saw her
Another love story born in a laundromat
However, I don't remember the last time I saw her
But I'd be a fool to think that I'm free from her spell

I've got you where it hurts
In a memory that never frays
You are so beautiful and I can't help from thinking in twisted ways


from Inkwells and Staves, released July 21, 2013
Matthew Stern - lead vocals

Monsieur Jean - back vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboard, beat programming

Jean-Roch Roy - back vocals

Emily Pigeon (www.facebook.com/DistortedRealmArt) - track artwork




Jean-Roch Roy Montreal, Québec

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