I join the drowsy airport pilgrims converging through Gate 1
Into a phallic sarcophagus with wings and lungs
I catch a glimpse inside the cockpit, where men in uniform
Worship a tapestry of widgets and chant this psalm:

"Take a breath, forget your earthly regrets
We travel the world in a single step
Take your place, laughing in gravity's face
Admire the pride of the human race!"

A mime performs the safety message with her eyes closed and her shades drawn
to a mindless and blasé audience waiting to be airborne

"The weather's good, the ride is smooth," the captain intercoms
"30,000 feet and attitude will carry us along"
I overhear a conversation with my pressurized eardrums
From childhood to final destination, and duty-free rum

An acrobat runs down the narrow aisle with rations of salted nuts
As her dull eyes and empty permasmile belie she's had enough...

'Tis said that flying slows down aging when planes begin to run
An arial game of cat and mouse with the setting sun
Next to me, clutching their computers, two kidlings lost in thought
No doubt a pair of frequent flyers holding back the clock

What is wrong with the notion of flying saucers?
If I fly, surely they can fly too
Will I drown in this ocean of suspended water
Or dissolve in the infinite blue?


from Inkwells and Staves, released July 21, 2013
Jean-Roch Roy - music and lyrics, lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Monsieur Jean - lead and back vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and percussions, keyboard

Mathieu Vanasse - piano

Leah Ticktin (leahticktindesign.com) - track artwork




Jean-Roch Roy Montreal, Québec

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